New Church Logo Announced
October 1996

“New Church Logo Announced,” Ensign, Oct. 1996, 79

New Church Logo Announced

A stronger emphasis on the name of the Savior is the reason behind a new Church logo design announced by the First Presidency.

“The logo reemphasizes the official name of the Church and the central position of the Savior in its theology,” explained Bruce L. Olsen, managing director of public affairs for the Church. “It stresses our allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The three-line design reflects the prominence of the Savior in both proportional sizing and position within the name of the Church,” Brother Olsen said. “It not only strengthens the Church’s visual identity but divides the logo into distinct elements which make it easier to read and to identify in the electronic media.”

The official name of the Church was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith. However, the news media, the public, and even members of the Church have often referred to the Church as “the Mormon Church” and its members as “Mormons,” due to the Church’s relationship to the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

“There are millions of people who never associate the official name of the Church with the name ‘Mormon,’” said Brother Olsen. “Hopefully, we will help correct misunderstanding and confusion with this new graphic representation that focuses on the name of him whose Church it is.”