“Choice,” Ensign, Mar. 1995, 7


    Am I, like Martha,

    too immersed in homely

    chores—too single-minded

    in my day’s pursuits

    of worldly worries which,

    by heaven’s time,

    won’t count for much—

    or so intent today on

    busywork that I don’t pray,

    or keep my soul

    in touch with the divine?

    And do I

    (oh, yes, conscientiously)

    keep thoughts so fixed

    on duties of my hands,

    this hour’s demands,

    that I’ve no time to spare

    to dry His sweet feet

    with my bowed soul’s hair?

    Oh, may I pattern

    after Mary’s way

    and choose the better part,

    asking forgiveness

    at those tender feet

    washed with my hope,

    anointed with my heart.

    Photography by Craig Dimond