Story Lady
March 1995

“Story Lady,” Ensign, Mar. 1995, 69

Story Lady

Carol Rehme is an artist, but her medium is words, not paint, and her canvas the imagination of her listeners. “I paint pictures with words,” she says of her storytelling. Her “word pictures” have made Carol one of the most popular storytellers in her community of Loveland, Colorado.

With four children, Carol developed a repertoire of bedtime stories. Soon she discovered that she had a talent for storytelling, so she took a class from the public library, where she honed her skills. She prefers to work without props, using voice, facial expressions, and body movements to portray what words cannot.

A convert to the gospel, Carol has spent seventeen of her twenty-two years in the Church serving in the Primary. Until recently, she was the “Story Lady” in Primary sharing time in the Loveland Second Ward, Greeley Colorado Stake, with many of her stories pulled from the scriptures. She is quick to point out that Jesus was the greatest storyteller, often using parables to illustrate a point.

Carol is a popular entertainer at schools, libraries, Cub Scout meetings, and campground socials. Her stories often end with an old-fashioned phrase, “And that’s the end of that.”—Jane McBride Choate, Loveland, Colorado