March 1995

“Comment,” Ensign, Mar. 1995, 80


Disaster Insights

Thank you so much for “Earthquake Drill” (Dec. 1994). We experienced firsthand the earthquake in Los Angeles on 17 January 1994. I had always felt that we were prepared for an emergency, but on that morning I learned better.

With that experience still fresh on my mind, my family and I took the advice offered in the article: we turned off all the lights and had an earthquake drill. We were surprised at how many things we were doing wrong and how we could improve.

There is one thing I’d like to mention. The article talks about driving to the nearest safe place, like a church meetinghouse. This might not be the best idea. If the electricity is out, streetlights may not be working, and during the earthquake here in Los Angeles, there were several accidents as frightened people drove through intersections without looking both ways. In addition, one man I met simply turned his car on and sparked an explosion of gas escaping from a nearby broken line.

Tammy Ashmore
West Hills, California

Magazine Belongs in Waiting Room

As a former ensign in the United States Navy and nonmember exploring the values and traditions of the Church, I have thoroughly enjoyed and treasured every copy of your magazine the elders furnished me. I will soon be moving back to New York and starting my own practice; I feel this magazine belongs in my waiting room. Keep up the great work.

W. R. Schmits, M.D.
Laurel, Delaware