Family Home Evening Happenings
September 1994

“Family Home Evening Happenings,” Ensign, Sept. 1994, 75

Family Home Evening Happenings

For years we struggled to get our family home evenings off the ground. After we went to bed one night feeling particularly drained and upset, we determined something had to change. We decided we needed to build our family unity and make family home evening something that everyone looked forward to.

We wrote a family song to the tune of a high school pep song and incorporated family goals, ideals, and names into the lyrics. We call ourselves the Halverson Heroes and even created a Halverson Hero cheer. We sing our song and give our cheer at the beginning of every family home evening. These traditions have forged bonds of unity in our family.

Along with building our family spirit, once a month we have what we call a “Halverson Hero Happening” for family home evening. Planning a happening doesn’t require a lot of time or preparation; all it takes is imagination and a positive attitude.

A week before the event, I post on the refrigerator door an invitation announcing the next happening, what to bring, and where and when to meet. One week the invitation read: We’re celebrating the first step on the moon! Bring your clean bodies dressed in pajamas, your smiles, and your enthusiasm to the family room at 7:00 P.M. on Monday for another great Halverson Hero Happening!

That night we talked about how Heavenly Father inspires scientists to invent things that will help build up his kingdom. We made clay imprints of our feet, looked out the window at the moon, and ate different kinds of cheese. Other happenings have included a first-day-of-summer party, a Groundhog Day party, and even an Alexander Graham Bell celebration when we learned telephone manners.

Our family home evenings still are far from perfect, but they are getting better. Building our family unity and incorporating monthly happenings into our plans have helped us have happier and more successful family home evenings.—Marty Halverson, Sandy, Utah

Photography by Matthew Reier

Illustrated by David McDonald