1994 Writing and Music Contest Winners
September 1994

“1994 Writing and Music Contest Winners,” Ensign, Sept. 1994, 46

1994 Writing and Music Contest Winners

Ensign Writing Contest

Award of Merit ($400): Ruth Cosby, Flower Mound, Texas, for “Cameron’s Picture” (see p. 47). Purchase Awards: Winnie Dalley, Columbia, Missouri, for “Carpe Diem”; Nanette Justus, Spokane, Washington, for “Keeping the Grinch out of Christmas”; Clayton Corey Newell, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “A Blessing of Winter Quarters”; and Kay Singleton White, Syracuse, Utah, for “My Tossed Salad Summer.”

The Church Music Contests

Song Division

Award of Distinction ($200): Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “Born of Water, Born of Spirit.” Awards of Merit ($100): Ann L. Bailey, Mountlake Terrace, Washington, for “The Day the Savior Came”; Stephanie Throckmorton DeGraw, Spanish Fork, Utah, for “Do You Know Your Savior?”; Linda Eriksson Hart, Concord, California, for “Simple Pleasures.”

Children’s Song Division

Award of Distinction ($200): Clive J. Romney, West Valley City, Utah, for “Worthy to Enter.” Awards of Merit ($100): Rebecca Smith Adams, Deerfield, Illinois, for “I Stand Prepared”; Kathryn B. Decker, Salem, Oregon, for “Our House Becomes a Home”; Annette W. Dickman, Layton, Utah, for “A Beautiful World.”

Hymn Division

Award of Distinction ($200): Robert P. Manookin, Leeds, England, for “Lord Jesus Christ Has Paid the Price.” Awards of Merit ($100): Arlene Craig Hamblin and Peggy Milligan Moffit, both of Syracuse, Utah, for “Help Us, Lord, to Do Thy Will”; Sandra Peck Nelson, Houston, Texas, for “Jesus, Our Savior”; Marcus L. Smith, Provo, Utah, for “All Join We Now Together.”

Anthem Division

Award of Distinction ($200): Martin Green, Corona, California, for “Paraphrase on the First Noel.” Awards of Merit ($200): Carol R. Flock, San Jose, California, for “Come unto Christ”; Martin J. Petersen, Jr., Midwest City, Oklahoma, for “ ’Twas a Star”; James Stanard and Gene B. Welling, both of Eureka, Oregon, for “Go Ye Forward.”

Instrumental/Other Division

Award of Distinction ($200): Luis Ángel Benito Ribagorda, Madrid, Spain, for “Jesús, En La Corte Celestial.” Awards of Merit ($100): James C. Kasen, Orem, Utah, for “Trumpet Tune in A Major”; Michael R. Packham, Syracuse, Utah, for “Come Rejoice.”

Hymn Text Contest

Award of Distinction ($100): Marilyn Schow, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Count It All Joy.” Awards of Merit ($50): Emma Perry Erekson, Payson, Utah, for “The Comfort of This Holy Hour”; Marcus L. Smith, Provo, Utah, for “Ye Saints, Who Know the Work of God”; Wendy Udy, Niagara Falls, New York, for “When I Am Weakened by Life’s Storms.”

Relief Society Music Contest

Award of Distinction: Elizabeth A. Wright, Phoenix, Arizona, for “Sweet Is the Work.” Awards of Merit: Lisa Riley Bradshaw, Salem, Utah, and Shirley Riley, Payson, Utah, for “Walk in the Light”; Carol R. Flock, San Jose, California, for “A Mother’s Always There.”