Picture-Perfect Children
June 1994

“Picture-Perfect Children,” Ensign, June 1994, 72

Picture-Perfect Children

I have often watched my tiny children sit quietly and pore over photo albums for hours. I wondered, Why can’t they sit like that at church? That’s when I came up with an idea for a quiet book. I bought an inexpensive mini photo album for each of my children. Then I put each child’s picture on the cover of his or her album and filled the booklet with photos of family outings and special days. You could also use pictures of the Savior, pictures of temples, or pictures of praying children to remind the children to sit reverently.

The children get to look at their quiet books only during church, so the albums remain new and captivating. I also change the pictures periodically. As my preschoolers look at their quiet books, they are developing a skill of reverence that will soon help them to sit quietly without any visual aids or quiet books. My children love their quiet books, and seeing pictures of themselves and the family helps them feel special and lets them know they’re loved.—Debra J. Fredrickson, West Valley City, Utah