Missionary of the Week
June 1994

“Missionary of the Week,” Ensign, June 1994, 71

Missionary of the Week

Brother Chuck Hatch of the Cascade Park Ward in Vancouver, Washington, remembers receiving letters from his home ward members when he was a missionary, so he instituted a missionary-of-the-week program in our ward.

He set up a missionary board with a map, a place for a picture, and two pockets. One pocket contains note-sized paper, and the other pocket collects the completed notes. Each week the picture on the missionary board is changed, and a reminder is put in the ward bulletin so that members will recall to send a note. Pinpointed on the map of the world is the spot where the missionary of the week is serving.

Ward members select a piece of note paper and jot a few lines while waiting for classes to begin or during the short breaks between meetings. The next day the notes are bundled up and mailed to the missionary. Letters from our missionaries have been read in sacrament meeting expressing the happiness they feel when they receive these letters from home.

One day Brother Hatch even took a picture of the whole ward standing outside the chapel to send to each of our missionaries. I’m certain our missionaries know they are loved.—Marilyn Feik, Vancouver, Washington