Rehabilitation Program Introduced in San Diego

“Rehabilitation Program Introduced in San Diego,” Ensign, Mar. 1992, 79–80

Rehabilitation Program Introduced in San Diego

A local Church rehabilitation program designed to benefit people with physical, mental, or emotional handicaps has been established in the San Diego area. In addition, those who have been out of the work force for several years can learn new skills in preparation for future employment.

According to Robert Etherington, manager of the new program, participants in the program are assisted in learning skills that will help them find a job and learn to provide for themselves. Each individual works on a program tailored especially for his or her own needs.

Assistance and guidance is offered by Church service missionaries who work one-on-one with those involved in the program, explained Brother Etherington. The missionaries, either part- or full-time, are called from one of the 13 stakes in the area.

The missionary or rehabilitation service worker works in the community to match individual needs to available service. The worker also works closely with local church leaders.

Members from any of the stakes in the San Diego area can participate in the program after receiving a referral from a local Church leader.

The new program enlarges on rehabilitation services previously provided through the LDS Employment Center and Deseret Industries.