Tribute to Salt Lake City’s Social Hall Planned

“Tribute to Salt Lake City’s Social Hall Planned,” Ensign, Mar. 1992, 80

Tribute to Salt Lake City’s Social Hall Planned

Plans for a commemorative structure to be built on the site of Salt Lake City’s pioneer-era Social Hall have been unveiled by Zions Securities Corporation, the property development arm of the Church.

The new structure will consist of an enclosed building surrounded by a larger open-air steel framework of the same dimensions as the original Social Hall. The enclosed area will feature a historic gallery and will serve as the east entrance to an underground walkway. The old Social Hall’s stone foundation will be returned to its original location and encased in glass so that visitors can see it.

The foundation was discovered during excavating for an underground walkway in May 1991. Additional items discovered include a writing slate, a 1913 penny, a plate, porcelain door knobs, and inkwells.

Built in 1852, Social Hall was the first public building in Utah. Citizens held dances, social events, and theatrical productions in the building. It also served as a meeting place for the territorial legislature and was the site for the Red Cross during World War I.

The building was destroyed in 1922. Because a replica of the Social Hall already exists at the Pioneer State Park, Zions Securities officials decided not to recreate the old building, but rather design a tribute to it.

Artist’s rendering of tribute to Social Hall. (Painting by James Porter.)