The Smiths’ Circle

“The Smiths’ Circle,” Ensign, Mar. 1992, 61–62

The Smiths’ Circle

Visiting Sister Smith* was a very difficult assignment for me. I was expecting my third child and not feeling well. Sister Smith was a less-active sister who worked rotating shifts at the local hospital. It seemed impossible to catch her at home in order to set up an appointment. Yet when I dropped by without an appointment, I often woke her up; she slept during the day when she had worked the night before. In addition, her husband was not a member of the Church and would not even stay in the room when anyone from the Church came to visit. It was a very discouraging situation for me.

But I kept trying, and it became easier. In fact, during the course of about three years, I was blessed to watch the Smiths’ lives change.

As Sister Smith and I learned about each other, we became friends. I began to look forward to these visits and to sharing experiences, feelings, and thoughts with my new friend. With support and encouragement, Sister Smith began to attend her meetings.

During this time her husband, who for twenty-one years had completely avoided any connection with the Church, was baptized. I watched as the Smiths learned about the gospel, lived its principles, and found a peace and happiness they’d never experienced before.

The Smiths decided to go to the temple, and they often asked me questions as they prepared over the months for this great experience. I went with them as they entered the temple and were sealed as husband and wife for eternity. I was honored and thrilled when they asked me to stand in as proxy for their daughter who had died as a child. What an experience for me to see the lives of this couple change as they embraced the gospel and lived its principles!

I have since moved, but my sister still lives in the Smiths’ ward. Since she is a less-active member, my sister’s only contact with the Church is her monthly visit with the married couple who come to her home as combined home teacher and visiting teacher—the Smiths.

It is now the Smiths’ turn to enter the circle of Church service. I don’t know my sister’s ultimate decision about the Church, but I do know that every month she will feel love, support, and encouragement. The Smiths faithfully visit her, for they know her situation—it was theirs not so many years ago.

  • Name has been changed.

  • Susan Koyle serves as a Valiant B teacher in the Terra Vista Ward, Rancho Cucamonga California Stake