We Shared a Wonderful Moment
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“We Shared a Wonderful Moment,” Ensign, Apr. 1991, 74

We Shared a Wonderful Moment

My brother and I were good friends and had shared many tender moments as well as difficult problems. He was rarely as agitated, brooding, and distant as he was the morning he came by my home to borrow a vaporizer for his sick daughter.

As he prepared to leave, I was prompted to put my arms around him and tell him how much I loved him, but his mood put me off.

Again, as he turned toward the door, the prompting came. I put my hand on his arm to break through his preoccupation, but again I hesitated. At the last moment, I was prompted again, and I put my arms around him. I expressed my love for him and my hopes for his success in the future. He responded, and we shared a wonderful moment as brother and sister.

I knew I had been prompted by the Holy Ghost, and I went about my day feeling good and hoping that my hug would help my brother through his problems.

The next morning, my brother was killed in a plane crash. I am grateful I heeded the insistent promptings of the Spirit the day before. That last moment we shared has brought me much peace and comfort.—Nancy Behrens, Boise, Idaho