New Presidents for Missionary Training Centers
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“New Presidents for Missionary Training Centers,” Ensign, Apr. 1991, 75

New Presidents for Missionary Training Centers

The First Presidency has called six new missionary training center presidents. They and their wives, who will serve with them, are listed below:

Kenji Akagi and Jean Yoshiko Tanda Akagi, from Wahiawa, Hawaii, will serve at the Japan Missionary Training Center.

Grady Edenfield and Jane Ann Ivie Edenfield, from Mapleton, Utah, will serve at the Samoa Missionary Training Center.

Wilford Farnsworth, Jr., and Ella Hull Farnsworth, from Phoenix, Arizona, will serve at the Mexico Missionary Training Center.

Robert Lemmon and Patricia Helene Walker Lemmon, from San Diego, California, will serve at the Argentina Missionary Training Center.

John O’Donnal and Carmen Galvez O’Donnal, from Gilbert, Arizona, will serve at the Peru Missionary Training Center.

Arthur Sperry, Jr., and Ruby Carol Jones Sperry, from Salt Lake City, Utah, will serve in the England Missionary Training Center.