The Church in Its Canadian Setting

    “The Church in Its Canadian Setting,” Ensign, Sept. 1988, 44–45

    The Church in Canada

    The Church in Its Canadian Setting

    The Church in Its Canadian Setting

    Historical Sites

    1. Mt. Pleasant—Joseph Smith preached to Freeman Nickerson’s family here. Canada was the only place outside the United States where the Prophet served as a missionary.

    2. Kingston, Sydenham (and Loughborough township), Ernesttown (near present-day Bath)—Areas where the Young brothers taught friends and acquaintances after Brigham and Phineas had traveled to Canada to help convert their brother Joseph.

    3. Elgin, Crosby, Westport, Portland—Areas where John E. Page met with missionary success on his Canadian missions. Elgin was referred to by some Saints as “Little Nauvoo” because some members gathered here before emigrating to the U.S. to join the main body of the Church in Nauvoo, Illinois.

    4. Toronto—Home area for early converts John Taylor, Joseph Fielding, and others who would be instrumental in opening missionary work in the British Isles. Site of first Canadian stake outside Alberta, organized in 1960 while President Thomas S. Monson, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, was serving as mission president here.

    5. Cardston—First LDS settlement in Alberta, and site of first LDS temple outside U.S. or its possessions. It was followed within the next twenty-five years by a number of other small LDS communities in surrounding areas, towns like Aetna, Mountain View, Beazer, Leavitt, Kimball, Magrath, Stirling, Raymond, Taber, Glenwood, and Hill Spring.


    1. Brampton Ontario

    12. Edmonton Alberta Riverbend

    23. Ottawa Ontario

    2. Calgary Alberta

    13. Ft. Macleod Alberta

    24. Raymond Alberta

    3. Calgary Alberta North

    14. Hamilton Ontario

    25. Red Deer Alberta

    4. Calgary Alberta South

    15. Kitchener Ontario

    26. Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    5. Calgary Alberta West

    16. Lethbridge Alberta

    27. Taber Alberta

    6. Cardston Alberta

    17. Lethbridge Alberta East

    28. Toronto Ontario

    7. Cardston Alberta West

    18. London Ontario

    29. Vancouver British Columbia

    8. Cranbrook British Columbia

    19. Magrath Alberta

    30. Vancouver British Columbia South

    9. Dartmouth Nova Scotia

    20. Montreal Quebec

    31. Vernon British Columbia

    10. Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Doon

    21. Montreal Quebec Mt. Royale

    32. Victoria British Columbia

    11. Edmonton Alberta Millwoods

    22. Oshawa Ontario

    33. Winnipeg Manitoba


    A. Canada Calgary

    C. Canada Montreal

    E. Canada Vancouver

    B. Canada Halifax

    D. Canada Toronto

    F. Canada Winnipeg