Policies and Announcements
September 1988

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Sept. 1988, 79–80

Policies and Announcements

Political Neutrality

The following letter, dated 9 June 1988, was sent to priesthood leaders to be read in sacrament meeting. It was signed by the First Presidency:

In this election year, we reiterate the long-standing policy of the Church of strict political neutrality, of not endorsing political candidates or parties in elections, and of not using Church facilities for political purposes, including voter registration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not favor one political party over another. We have no candidates for political office and we do not undertake to tell people how to vote.

We do urge all voters to involve themselves in the political process and to study carefully and prayerfully candidates’ positions on issues and to vote for those who will most nearly carry out their views of government and its role.

The use of branch, ward, or stake premises, chapels or other Church facilities or equipment in any way for voter registration or political campaign purposes is contrary to our counsel and advice. This stricture applies to speechmaking, class discussion, fund-raising, or preparation or distribution of campaign literature. Church directories or mailing lists should not be made available for any purpose to candidates for distribution of campaign literature or fund solicitation or to those involved in voter registration.

Those who attempt to use Church meetings or facilities or equipment to further their own or another’s political ambitions injure their own cause and do the Church a disservice. We appeal, therefore, to all candidates for public office to take notice of this instruction and to conduct their campaigns in strict compliance with this requirement pertaining to use of Church facilities, equipment, meetings, and membership lists.

We also call on all political candidates who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints neither to state nor imply the endorsement of their candidacy by the Church or its leaders.

The following items appeared in the 1988–2 Bulletin.

Temple Clothing

The distribution of temple clothing is under the direction of Beehive Clothing rather than the Relief Society. Please direct all orders for temple clothing to the local temple clothing center at or near each temple. Questions regarding policy are appropriately directed to the bishop or stake president, who may contact the Temple Department, if necessary, at 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.

Women to Coach Female Sports Teams

Women, not men, are to be called to coach female sports teams, and men are to be called to coach male sports teams. This policy supersedes the references found on pages 17 and 31 of the Physical Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Manual (PBAC0158).

Training Materials for Job Seekers

The Church has recently made available a set of materials designed to help members conduct an effective job search. One set has been provided to each stake and district. The materials consist of six videocassettes (VNVV3621; $36.00 per set of six) and six accompanying workbooks (PEWE0358; $3.25 per set of six). The package is titled JobSearch: The Inside Track.

These optional materials are designed for use in the United States and Canada. Additional information on the use of the package accompanies the mailing.

Braille Hymnbook

The new Braille edition of Hymns (words only) has been issued for the visually impaired and is now available through the Salt Lake Distribution Center (PBBL0378; $10.00 per set). It comes in a set of two large binders.

The How Book for Teaching Children

The How Book for Teaching Children (PBIC0223; $.50 each) is designed to help Primary leaders and teachers and Relief Society nursery leaders improve their teaching skills. Parents also benefit by studying the book and applying the principles as they teach their children at home. Included in the book are sections about teaching by the Spirit, teaching children to pray, the worth of a child, planning and preparing, variety in teaching, classroom management, and other specific teaching skills. A separate section describes the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual characteristics of children at each age. This section suggests ways to use this information to increase teaching effectiveness.

Young Women Handbook

The new Young Women Handbook (PEYW0044) is now available at no charge and is being distributed to appropriate leaders. At present, the handbook is available only in English, from local Church distribution centers. It is the basic approved resource for ward and stake Young Women leaders to help young women accomplish the mission of the Church.