Historic Box Elder Tabernacle Rededicated

“Historic Box Elder Tabernacle Rededicated,” Ensign, July 1987, 75

Historic Box Elder Tabernacle Rededicated

The Box Elder Tabernacle in Brigham City, Utah, was filled to overflowing April 12 as members gathered to hear Elder Boyd K. Packer of the Council of the Twelve rededicate that historic building. The special dedicatory program was also shown on closed-circuit television at two local stake centers.

The rededication followed the completion of a year-long project to restore the century-old tabernacle.

Other speakers included Elder Richard G. Scott, a member of the presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy; Elder James M. Paramore of the First Quorum of the Seventy; Donna Packer, Elder Packer’s wife; and Arnold B. Gilbert, a former regional representative who has been called as president of the Ohio Columbus Mission. President Royal K. Norman of the Brigham City West stake conducted.

“There is a great and powerful spirit in this tabernacle. It is the Spirit of the Lord,” said Elder Packer before offering the dedicatory prayer.

He recalled occasions when, as a child, he had attended Church meetings in the tabernacle. At one stake conference he heard Elder George Albert Smith, who would later become President of the Church. “In my little boy’s mind came a thought that there stood an Apostle of Jesus Christ,” Elder Packer said.

Drawing on another personal memory, Elder Packer motioned to a room at the rear of the tabernacle and said, “I was ordained a seventy in that room up there by President Benson when he was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve.”

He spoke of Lorenzo Snow, who lived in Brigham City and was eighty-four years old when he became President of the Church. Elder Packer also noted that President Wilford Woodruff delivered the Manifesto in the Box Elder Tabernacle.

Elder Scott praised missionaries who have gone into the world from the Brigham City area to preach the gospel, and urged listeners to preserve “the heritage this building represents.”

Brother Gilbert noted that as more stake centers were built in the Brigham City area, the tabernacle became less prominent. Some even talked of tearing it down. “We were all overjoyed when the Church historical committee decided to restore it,” he said.

The Box Elder Tabernacle was constructed during the period from 1865 to 1890, and was rebuilt in 1897 after being damaged by fire.

Correspondent: Bruce Keyes is public communications director for the Brigham City Utah North Stake.

The Box Elder Tabernacle in Brigham City, Utah, was rededicated by Elder Boyd K. Packer.