Church Publications Honored

“Church Publications Honored,” Ensign, July 1987, 76

Church Publications Honored

Printed products of the Church received ten awards for typographic excellence from the National Composition Association in New York recently.

There were more than twelve hundred entries in the nationwide competition. The Church awards were for the monthly Ensign magazine, a series of New Era posters with the theme “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful,” the LDS Family Calendar, a seminary poster, the Lion House menu, an LDS Business College catalog, a Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus concert program, a Temple Square concert program, a Church Personnel Department newsletter, and a Spanish language manual.

Receiving the awards on behalf of the Church were artist Allan Loyborg and Sherm Martin, Gene Smuin, and George Simper of the Church Printing Services Department.

“The Church maintains an extensive electronic typographic system,” Brother Martin said. “The system produces type from approximately sixty thousand manuscript pages each year.”