“Contents,” Ensign, July 1987, 1

Special Issue:
150 Years of the Church in the British Isles


July 1987

Volume 17 Number 7

On the cover: Photography by John Phillipson and FPG International/Edmund Nagele FRPS. Front cover: (left) John and Wendy Phillipson and their children in family home evening; (upper right) the London Temple; (lower right) John Dale, standing, librarian at the Billingham stake genealogical library, and assistant librarian Allen Carun. Back cover: (left) an Institute class in the Billingham stake; (upper right) Caroline and Stephen Tate, holding Leanne, arrive at the Redcar Branch, Billingham stake; (lower right) staff at the Church area welfare farm in Kington, Worcestershire—Martin Wiles, left, David Morris, and Andrew Perry, farm manager.

Inside front cover: The Apia Samoa Temple, photography by Wm. Floyd Holdman. President Spencer W. Kimball broke ground for the Apia Samoa Temple 19 February 1981, assisted by the head of state, Mali Tanumafil II. Nearly 4,000 people attended, and President Kimball described the event as “a happy day for us all.”

Inside back cover: “Teach the Children of Men by the Power of My Spirit,” by Greg K. Olsen, 36″ by 62″, oil, 1986. Courtesy of LDS General Sunday School Presidency.