Winners of the 1987 Writing and Music Contests
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“Winners of the 1987 Writing and Music Contests,” Ensign, Mar. 1987, 53

Winners of the 1987 Writing and Music Contests

Ensign Writing Contests

Feature Article Contest

First place ($400), Garth A. Wilson, Blanding, Utah, for “The Mulekites” (see p. 60, this issue); second place ($300), Andrea Morgan Densley, North Las Vegas, Nevada, for “Las Vegas: Discovering an Oasis of Righteousness”; third place ($250), Rodney J. Vessels, Bellevue, Washington, for “Quest for the Fountain of All Righteousness.” Honorable mention, Charles A. Muldowney, Wayne, Pennsylvania, “The Prisoners Set Free.”

Personal Essay Contest

First place ($300), Sandra Ferrin Strange, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, for “The Uses of Suffering” (see p. 56); second place ($250), Laurie W. Thornton, West Bountiful, Utah, for “Blind Trust”; third place ($200), Kelly Clark Hinton, Phoenix, Arizona, for “A Matter of Honor.” Honorable mentions, Kristine Stones Keele, Payson, Utah, for “The Red Uglies and Other Lessons in Love”; Wendy B. Gardner, Blackfoot, Idaho, for “Tarnished Halo”; and Elaine Fronk Whiteley, San Diego, California, for “The Fruit of Thy Labours—A Harvest for Eternity.”

Short Story Contest

First place ($400), Kathleen Woodcook Hanna, Raymond, Washington, for “Chicken Feathers” (see p. 66); second place ($300), Tom Williams, Vernal, Utah, for “Homecoming”; third place ($250), D. Davis Ostlund, Bountiful, Utah, for “In from the Cold.” Honorable mention, Vilo Westwood, Orem, Utah, for “The Mother-Daughter Picnic.”

The Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest

First place ($75), Lynette K. Allen, Ames, Iowa, for “For Those Who Never Know”; second place ($60), Karma K. Wasden, Provo, Utah, for “Manna”; third place ($50), Irene Allred, Cleveland, Utah, for “regret” (see p. 65). Honorable mentions, Dorene L. Storkel, The Dalles, Oregon, for “Of the Same Spirit”; E. L. Younkin, Provo, Utah, for “Lament”; and Margaret Brown Jorgensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Offering.”

Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest

Children’s Song Division

First place ($240), Nita D. Milner, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Rainbows: A Baptism Song”; second place, Linda Erickson, Ivins, Utah, for “Jesus Is My Special Friend”; third place, Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “I Love the Book of Mormon.” Honorable mention, Britton and Christine Davis, Provo, Utah, for “My Place on Earth.”

Song Division

First place ($240), Martin L. Green, Corona, California, for “Song of Love”; second place, Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “To Share the Love”; third place, Joyce M. Jensen and Val Camenish Wilcox, Provo, Utah, for “Cycles and Seasons.”

Hymn Division

First place ($240), David A. Zabriskie, Evanston, Illinois, and Susan Evans McCloud, Provo, Utah, for “Lord, I Would Follow Thee”; second place, Charlene A. Newell, Kanab, Utah, for “Christ Gave His Life”; third place, Jenny W. Francis, Barnwell, Alberta, for “If I Had Lived in Days of Old.” Honorable mention, Janice Kapp Perry and Joy Saunders Lundberg, Provo, Utah, for “Love Them As I Love Thee.”

Anthem/Hymn Arrangement Division

First place ($240), Nonie N. Sorensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “He Who Is Mindful of His People”; second place, Sheryl Martineau, West Bountiful, Utah, for “Come, Ye Disconsolate”; third place, David A. Zabriskie and Ann Gardner Stone, Evanston, Illinois, for “Sacrifice.” Honorable mentions, David Len Allen, St. Johns, Arizona, for “A Psalm of Life”; Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, “For All Who Seek the Lord.”

Instrumental Compositions or Arrangements Division

First place ($240), Weldon L. Whipple, Rochester, Minnesota, for “Prelude on ‘Away in a Manger’”; second place, Jenny W. Francis, Barnwell, Alberta, for “Christmas Medley for Organ and Violin”; third place, Theral A. Frei, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “Sweet Is the Work.” Honorable mentions, Rebecca Woodworth, Bountiful, Utah, “Tune for Two Flutes.”

Relief Society Song Contest

First place ($200), Sherri Otteson Bird and Miriam Child McKay, Corvallis, Oregon, for “My Mother’s Hands”; second place ($150), Janice Kapp Perry and Val Camenish Wilcox, Provo, Utah, for “Here Am I”; two third place awards ($100), Shoko Taguchi, Hyogo-ken, Japan, for “Song,” and Joyce M. Jensen, Provo, Utah, for “Supplication.” Honorable mentions, Inger Karin Kristiansen and Anna-Lise Eika, Oslo, Norway, for “None Other”; Sydney L. Germane, Orem, Utah, for “Lullaby to the Christ Child.”

Lynette K. Allen; Garth A. Wilson; Kathleen Woodcook Hanna; Martin L. Green; Nita D. Milner; Susan Evans McCloud; Nonie N. Sorensen; Weldon L. Whipple; Sherri Otteson Bird; Miriam C. McKay