Policies and Announcements
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“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Mar. 1987, 79–80

Policies and Announcements

The following items appeared in the December 1986 Bulletin.

Resource Materials for New Testament Study

Several new items prepared to aid teachers and students of the New Testament are available at the Salt Lake Distribution Center. These might be placed in meetinghouse libraries where they could be used by teachers, families, and other Church members.

  1. Bible Lands Posters (VVIS1452; $15.00 per set). This set includes eight full-color posters measuring 24 1/4 by 38 inches each. These high-quality posters display over 150 significant sites in the Holy Land, such as Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Mount Carmel, the Dead Sea, Samaria, Lower Jordan, and the Sinai Peninsula. The set also includes a booklet of commentary that describes the sites shown on the posters.

  2. Satellite Map of the Holy Land (VVIS1463; $5.00 per set of two posters). The set consists of two posters (which can be joined to make one large poster) offering a dramatic satellite view of the Bible lands, including cities, roads, mountains, valleys, seas, and rivers.

  3. The New Media Bible Videocassettes (VNVV166A, VHS format, or VNVB1669, Beta format; $90.00 per set of six videocassettes, either VHS or Beta format; videocassettes are also available separately for $15.00 each). Major portions of the book of Genesis and the book of Luke have been recreated in a videocassette format. Filming by a nondenominational agency was done on location in the Holy Land after years of careful research. The dialogue is spoken in Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian Coptic, and Greek. A voice-over narration gives the biblical text in English. Three of the videocassettes portray episodes from the book of Genesis, and three portray episodes from the book of Luke, with a total playing time of approximately ten hours. The tapes are closed captioned for the hearing impaired who have decoding equipment.

  4. Church Educational System Lands of the Scripture Slide Series. Slide set C, eighty slides of Jerusalem (PMSI0927; $11.75); slide set D1, fifty-three slides of Galilee (PMSI0938; $10.50); slide set E, forty-four slides of Central Israel (PMSI0949; $10.50); slide set F, seventy-six slides of Southern Israel (PMSI095A; $11.75). These colored slides depict scenes and places associated with the scriptures. A booklet accompanying each set contains commentary explaining each slide.

Antipornography and Antilottery Materials

The Church has produced half-hour radio and television public affairs programs and newspaper articles on the plague of pornography. Similar materials address the disturbing efforts to legalize and foster government sponsorship of lotteries. These materials are being distributed to the media, either by the Church Public Communications/Special Affairs Department directly or by local public communications directors, for publication and broadcast. The materials also are suitable for use in encouraging Church members and others to join in appropriate opposition to the distribution of pornography and legalization of lotteries. Additional copies may be ordered from the Public Communications/Special Affairs Department, (801) 531-3229.