Hurricane Damages LDS Homes in Cook Islands
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“Hurricane Damages LDS Homes in Cook Islands,” Ensign, Mar. 1987, 78

Hurricane Damages LDS Homes in Cook Islands

The homes of ten LDS families in the Cook Islands were either destroyed or seriously damaged January 3 as Hurricane Sally struck the South Pacific. No Church buildings were damaged, and missionaries were reported safe.

The hurricane did most of its damage along the waterfront in Avarua, Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands. Ninety-mile-per-hour winds and thirty-foot waves caused widespread destruction to buildings and boats, but no deaths were reported.

Some 450 members live on Rarotonga, with another 100 located on the neighboring island of Aitutaki; 94 members are on Mangaia.

The cultural hall of the branch meetinghouse, which was not damaged, provided refuge for members and nonmembers left homeless by the storm. A small farm home owned by the Church was also used for temporary shelter.