Policies and Announcements
August 1986

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Aug. 1986, 79–80

Policies and Announcements

The following items are from the June 1986 Bulletin.

Cub Scout Entrance Age. The Church will retain the current policy of registering boys in Cub Scouts at the age of eight or at the completion of second grade. To ensure that parents of prospective Cub Scouts understand Church policy about boys entering Cub Scouts, bishops should see that the following takes place:

1. The bishop should instruct the bishopric adviser to the Primary to notify the Cub Scout pack committee and the Primary presidency that, beginning in 1986, Boy Scouts of America registers boys as Cub Scouts at the beginning of second grade.

2. The pack committee should contact the families of all boys who will enter the second grade in 1986 and explain the difference between Boy Scouts of America policy and Church policy. Parents or boys may be contacted by other Cub Scout packs at the beginning of the school year,-but they should be assured that their boys will be offered the full Cub Scouting experience in a quality pack in the ward when they are eight or have completed second grade.

Safety of Children in Meetinghouses. The safety of small children in Church meetinghouses is a growing concern. Parents and ward leaders should take necessary precautions to see that small children are protected. The following suggestions may be helpful:

1. Have a sufficient number of adults in nursery and Primary classes to properly supervise the children.

2. Instruct nursery leaders to release children only to responsible persons who can be identified, such as parents or other family members.

3. Review the location of the nursery room, and ensure that it is in a safe area of the building.

4. Encourage parents to not leave their small children unattended.

Administrators of the library and archives of the Church Historical Department have issued the following notice to patrons of the facility:

In order to assure the preservation and protection of the valuable materials housed in the Church library and archives, and in order to provide the most efficient and professional service to Church members and researchers, the Church Historical Department has initiated some adjustments in the facilities and procedures at the library and archives.

Administrators have consulted with an expert from the national archives and other experts in the field in order to institute standards consistent with the best practices in professionally directed archives.

Many of the former practices relating to eligibility for use of archival materials will be continued. Patrons should be aware that new procedures for obtaining clearance to use archival materials may in some cases delay immediate access to those materials. New requirements include sign-in and sign-out procedures that will identify and maintain a record of patrons who use the library and archives.

A computerized circulation and location system should be operational by the end of the summer. Some physical alterations will be made in the configuration of the facilities, especially in the archives reading room. Updated electronic equipment is also being installed.

We will appreciate your patience and cooperation while these adjustments are being made.