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“LDS Scene,” Ensign, Aug. 1986, 80

LDS Scene

James C. Fletcher was sworn in as head of the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration in May—for the second time. Brother Fletcher, who headed NASA from 1971 to 1977 and directed development of the U.S. space shuttle, returned to head the agency at the request of President Ronald Reagan. Brother Fletcher assumed leadership of a NASA seeking to recover from the space shuttle Challenger disaster and other setbacks earlier this year. A well-known aerospace scientist and former president of the University of Utah, James Fletcher helped build public and congressional support for NASA during his earlier tenure. Brother Fletcher is a member of the McLean Ward, McLean Virginia Stake.

A Scottish policeman has received the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct Award as a result of his efforts in rescuing a woman from drowning in 1984. Constable Malcolm Beverley, a member of the Aberdeen Scotland Stake, dived into the cold waters of the North Sea in October 1984, knowing the two women struggling in the waves off an Aberdeen beach could not last very long. Relying on the help of the Lord, he was able to bring one of the women to safety after struggling against waves that almost overcame him.

LDS Church leaders in Calgary, Alberta, recently gave the Canadian Red Cross a check for $232,000, raised during a special fast day last October in which 100,000 Canadian Saints participated. The money will help in efforts to transport supplies to victims of drought in Ethiopia.

James Fletcher, NASA administrator.