Time with Mom
March 1986

“Time with Mom,” Ensign, Mar. 1986, 77

Time with Mom

As a working mother and a single parent, I find that the time I can spend with my three small children is limited. One thing that helps me keep in touch with their lives is something we call “time with mom.”

While the other two children play in another room, relatively quiet and confident that their turns are coming, I sit with one child on my lap. We discuss the day’s events as well as current problems, feelings, and ideas. After a few minutes’ chat, we close with a nightly prayer.

This “time with mom” helps us recognize and solve problems that come up in our family. It provides a sounding board for the children to express their concerns, and serves as a valuable tool for teaching my children about prayer.

Our time together is also good for me. It gives me insight into my children’s personalities and needs and is a wonderful, peaceful way to end a hectic day. The time it takes is minimal, but the returns are great. Sally Johnson Marble, Salt Lake City, Utah

Illustrated by Dennis Millard