How to Show Love to a Primary Child

“How to Show Love to a Primary Child,” Ensign, Mar. 1986, 42–43

Supplement to the Primary Fireside for Parents, Leaders, and Teachers

How to Show Love to a Primary Child

1. Get to know each child in your class. Ask about his family members and situation, his special interests or fears. Listen to each child. Look him in the eyes and pay attention to what he is saying. Notes on a file card will help remind you what you have learned about him.

2. Share yourself. Tell the children of your desire to do as the Lord has asked. Tell them you love the Lord and appreciate your call to teach them.

3. Take every opportunity to show your love. Tell them you love them. Pat their shoulders; shake their hands; hug them; wink or smile or nod to acknowledge them. Watch for them outside of class and always greet them or acknowledge their presence in some way.

4. Watch the reactions of the children. Their emotions, their comments and behavior, all provide clues that can help you enrich your lessons and touch their hearts.

5. Shower the children with deserved compliments. Make mental notes of expressions of kindnesses, participation in singing, reverence in prayer, or pleasant countenances. Mention these things as you welcome children to Primary or present the lesson. And be generous with your compliments about the child to his parents and family, especially when the child is present!

6. Strive to be fair and sincere—both in and out of the classroom. Children are very aware of inequality and insincerity.

7. Foster loyalty among class members. Help each be concerned about the others by demonstrating your loyalty to the children and to your Primary leaders and fellow teachers. Speak highly of those with whom you serve and of those you serve.

8. Be a living example of what you teach. The children in your class will be watching and learning from you.

9. Pray for understanding. Pray for inspiration. Pray for patience, and pray for a genuine love for each child.

A four year old said of Jesus: “He likes me. My teacher looks nice when she tells about Jesus.”