Winners of the 1986 Writing and Music Contests

“Winners of the 1986 Writing and Music Contests,” Ensign, Mar. 1986, 63

Winners of the 1986 Writing and Music Contests

Short Story Contest

First prize ($400), Sharon C. Morgan, Sunnyvale, California, “Leaven: A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, Amos 4:5.” Honorable mention: Alan Dickey, Birmingham, Montana, for “Silent Song.”

Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest

Honorable mentions: Charlotte May Hutchins, Concord, California, for “Whisperings of Spring”; Jean Z. Liebenthal, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “My Father’s Prayers”; Joyce Nuttall, Whittier, California, for “Sweetwater Alchemy”; and Mary Young, Moses Lake, Washington, for “At the Garden Tomb: John 1:5.”

Personal Experience Article Contest

First prize ($300), Brenda Taylor Peterson, Kennewick, Washington, “My Garden—A Harvest of Peace for the Soul.” Honorable mention: Kelly Clark Hinton, Tempe, Arizona, for “Boomer.”

Feature Article Contest

No winners.

Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest

First prize ($500), Harriet Louise Petherick, London, England, for “O Lord, I Thank Thee Now”; second prize ($400), Sheryl Martineau, West Bountiful, Utah, for “The Lamb”; third prize ($300), Charlene A. Newell, Kanab, Utah, for “Long Ago in Bethlehem.”

Top entries in each category: Anthem, Brent M. Jones, Rexburg, Idaho, for “How Great the Wisdom and the Love”; Nonie N. Sorensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “He Who Is Mindful of His People.” Children’s song, Jaclyn Thomas Milne and Carol Baker Black, Washington, Utah, for “Search, Ponder, and Pray”; Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “The Sabbath Was Made for Man.” Hymn, Dan Carter and Beverly Carter, Provo, Utah, for “I Turn My Contrite Heart”; Harriet Louise Petherick, London, England, for “The Lord in His Wisdom.” Instrumental, Brent M. Jones, Rexburg, Idaho, for “Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning”; Barbara H. Merrill, Provo, Utah, for “Onward, Christian Soldiers”; Weldon Whipple, Rochester, Minnesota, for Prelude on “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee.” Song, Lori Robins McKeon, Riverside, California, for “Love Is There.”

Relief Society Song Contest

First prize ($200), Vickie Saunders Harkness, Ogden, Utah, for “Within These Walls”; second prize ($150), Janice Kapp Perry and Val Camenish Wilcox, Provo, Utah, for “Daughters of Light”; third prize ($100), Marilyn J. Clark, Culver City, California, for “Compassionate Service.” Honorable mention: Beverly Plester and the Birmingham England Second Ward Relief Society for “Trust in the Lord.”