Inside the Cupboard Doors
January 1986

“Inside the Cupboard Doors,” Ensign, Jan. 1986, 65

Inside the Cupboard Doors

Are your bulletin board and refrigerator covered with papers? Do the notes always get knocked to the floor? Eliminate the clutter by posting notes and reminders on the inside of your cupboard doors.

Post a list of your family’s favorite menus inside a cupboard or near your stove, where you can use it in planning meals. An “everytime” grocery list of items you buy nearly every time you go to the market eliminates the aggravation of forgetting something. Lists of cooking or cleaning hints and recipes you use frequently can be tacked or taped on the cupboards, too.

Posted handouts from Relief Society, Sunday School, and Primary will remind your family of lessons they learned the week before. You can also post scriptures, poems, or pictures of your family. Put lists of children’s chores on the inside of the broom closet door at the children’s eye level.

Using this newly found space is not only fun, it also leaves your bulletin board free for posting important, can’t-miss items. Paula J. Lewis, San Bernardino, California

Photography by Wes Taylor