January 1986

“Appointments,” Ensign, Jan. 1986, 78


Temple Presidents

Robert W. Barker has been called by the First Presidency to preside over the Washington Temple. His wife, Amy Thomas Barker, will serve as matron. President Barker, a senior partner in a Washington, D.C., law firm, succeeds Elder Franklin D. Richards of the First Quorum of the Seventy, who has served as temple president for the past two years.

Robert H. Slover of Provo, Utah, a retired United States Army officer, has been called by the First Presidency as the first president of the Seoul Korea Temple. His wife, Rosemarie Wood Slover, will serve as temple matron.

Regional Representative

Chico California and Santa Rosa California regions, Harold George Sellers, a retired telephone company employee.

Lambda Delta Sigma Board

Carroll Peterson Sevy, Cottonwood Fifth Ward, Salt Lake Cottonwood Stake.

Stake Presidents

Toronto Ontario Stake, Alexander G. Barclay; Urdaneta Philippines Stake (new, from a division of the Dagupan and Tarlac Philippines Stakes), Felino Caparas Ocampo; Venice Italy Stake (new), Claudio Luttman; Delta Utah Stake, Mitchell V. Myers; Gallup New Mexico Stake, Richard W. Carson.

Seoul Korea Chong Ju Stake, Kim Dong Hwan; Midvale Utah North Stake (new, from a division of the Midvale Utah and Midvale Utah East Stakes), Grant Leon Pullan; San Antonio Texas East Stake, Larry Dale Sprouse; Rexburg Idaho College Third Stake, Charles M. Grant; Santos Brazil Stake, Nivio Varella Alcover; Scottsdale Arizona Stake, Corwin LeRoy Ellsworth.

Pocatello Idaho North Stake, Theodore Lloyd Panter; Vancouver British Columbia Stake, Jon Frederick Tollestrup; Roseburg Oregon Stake, Mike Anthony Schofield; Rexburg Idaho Stake, Merlin Rex Bennion; Seneca Maryland Stake (new, from the Washington D.C. Stake, Silver Spring Maryland Stake, and Columbia Maryland Stake), David Wayne Ferrel; Silver Spring Maryland Stake, Kent S. Larsen.

Enoch Utah Stake (new, from a division of the Cedar City Utah North Stake, Cedar City Utah Stake, and Cedar City Utah West Stake), Robert Louis Blattner; Cedar City Utah Stake, Steven Decker Corry; Cedar City Utah North Stake, Charles Henry Blackburn; Lakewood Washington Stake (new, from a division of the Tacoma Washington Stake and Tacoma Washington South Stake), James R. Ely.

Anoka Minnesota Stake (new, from a division of the St. Paul Minnesota Stake), Lyle Cottle; St. Paul Minnesota Stake, Richard P. Halverson; Fruit Heights Utah Stake (new, from a division of the Kaysville Utah East Stake and the Kaysville Utah South Stake), Newell John Law; Kaysville Utah South Stake, David Henry Garner.