Policies and Announcements

    “Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Aug. 1985, 79

    Policies and Announcements

    The First Presidency released the text of the following letter to United States President Ronald Reagan.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commends Attorney General Edwin Meese III on his appointment of a federal commission on pornography to seek ways to restrict the production and distribution of pornography.

    We have long been concerned about the shocking inroads of pornography in our society, not only in the United States but around the world. Licentiousness masquerades in the robes of liberty as profiteers prey upon young and old alike and loose a veritable flood of evil.

    We recognize the immensity of the task facing the commission, and call upon people of good will to support efforts to adopt reasonable and constitutional laws and regulations to reduce and remove the corrupting influence of pornography from our society.

    The following items are from the June 1985 Bulletin.

    Commercial Activities Not Part of Official Church Programs. There is cause for concern in the increase in the number of Church units sponsoring or permitting meetings where lecturers are paid a fee to give instruction on time management, interpersonal relationships, and so forth. This concern does not apply to approved programs of the Church Educational System or officially approved activities.

    Church meetings, classes, and facilities are to be used solely for the purpose of worship, religious training, or programmed activities of the Church.

    These meetings and facilities are not to be used to promote business ventures or investment enterprises. Commercial activities for the purpose of making profit by selling products or services or by demonstrating wares in Church classes are out of harmony with the purpose of religious meetings.

    Stake presidents, bishops, and priesthood quorum and auxiliary presidents should accept, endorse, or promote only those services or activities specifically approved by the Church in official correspondence and publications (see Bulletin, no. 16, March 1985).

    Curriculum. Teachers in Church organizations are encouraged to use the conference editions of the Ensign (May and November), which contain a chart that can be useful in locating recent statements by the Brethren to supplement approved lesson material. This chart is entitled “Conference Addresses Correlated to Church Curriculum.” It identifies addresses in which stories or quotations can be found that coordinate with the established curriculum.

    My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth. Inquiries to the general offices of the Sunday School indicate that many Gospel Doctrine class members are not aware that they will need a copy of My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth as their student text for the last portion of this year’s Gospel Doctrine class. The text is the same as was used in 1981. Students who no longer have a copy should obtain one from a Church distribution center (PCSS56G9, $1.50). This year’s Gospel Doctrine course is the only one that has such a student text.