Eighteen Sisters Called to Area General Board Positions

    “Eighteen Sisters Called to Area General Board Positions,” Ensign, Aug. 1985, 79

    Eighteen Sisters Called to Area General Board Positions

    Eighteen women, wives of General Authorities living outside the United States, have been called to serve as area general board representatives—a newly established position.

    In the new calling, each sister assists general auxiliary leaders of the Church by serving as a general board representative for the Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society. The women serve in conjunction with their husbands’ callings in Area Presidencies for the Asia, Europe, Mexico/Central America, Pacific Islands, South America North, and South America South areas. All of their husbands are members of the First Quorum of the Seventy.

    The calling of area general board representatives was first announced in May, when nine women were put into the new position. The group was expanded to fifteen on July 1, when changes in some of the Area Presidencies took effect.

    Each of the new area general board representatives has extensive experience in Church service.

    Those living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are Marne Whitaker Tuttle, wife of Elder A. Theodore Tuttle, President of the South America South Area; Avanelle R. Osborn, wife of Elder Spencer H. Osborn; and Beverly Johnson Call, wife of Elder Waldo P. Call.

    Those living in Frankfurt, Germany, are Elisa R. Wirthlin, wife of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, President of the Europe Area; Joyce E. Taylor, wife of Elder Russell C. Taylor; and Helene Ringger, wife of Elder Hans B. Ringger.

    Those living in Sydney, Australia, are Joyce Dalton Sonnenberg, wife of Elder John Sonnenberg, President of the Pacific Area; Velda Gibbs Harris, wife of Elder Devere Harris; and Valoy Andreasen Sonntag, wife of Elder Philip T. Sonntag.

    Those living in Tokyo will be Mary Ann Bradford, wife of Elder William R. Bradford, President of the Asia Area; Bea de Jager, wife of Elder Jacob de Jager; and Viva Mae Wilcox, wife of Elder Keith W. Wilcox.

    Those living in Mexico City will be Janelle Cook, wife of Elder Gene R. Cook, President of the Mexico/Central America Area; Dorothy Brewerton, wife of Elder Ted E. Brewerton; and Eunice Kay, wife of Elder F. Arthur Kay.

    Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will be Caroline Howard, wife of Elder F. Burton Howard, President of the South America North Area; Sharon Dunn, wife of Elder Loren C. Dunn; and Nair Camargo, wife of Elder Helio Camargo.