Cradle Song
March 1985

“Cradle Song,” Ensign, Mar. 1985, 62

Cradle Song

Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest First Place Winner

Lullaby, my child, and let me love

Your sleeping purity, so innocent

Of all the conflict I have felt this day.

Sleep now, and let me smile to recollect

The tides that left a treasure on my shore.

The flows of guilt and subsequent resolve

Come later in the quiet time alone

With God: my anger at my anger with

My charge, my child. Are you the grain of sand,

My irritant, that I must make a pearl?

Lullaby. Then let your lustre glow—

Divinity I seldom see by day

(My pride, your willfulness obscure the sheen)—

While I remember what I love in you.

And if I grudge to bear the oyster’s part,

I but forget the artist without art

Is nothing; and my Lord, if I do well,

Will love the gem and magnify the shell.