Ricks College Tuition Reduced
March 1985

“Ricks College Tuition Reduced,” Ensign, Mar. 1985, 77

Ricks College Tuition Reduced

A drop in tuition at Ricks College—the Church’s popular two-year college at Rexburg, Idaho—will save students nearly $300 each during the 1985–86 academic year.

Tuition of $685 per semester had previously been approved for the coming school year, but that figure has been cut to $550 per semester, which will mean a savings of nearly 20 percent per year.

The decision by the Board of Trustees will not only save the students and their parents money, it may also mean students who could not afford to attend an LDS school can now enroll at Ricks, noted President Bruce C. Hafen. “The recent growth in our physical plant has made room for 1,000 more students than we are currently enrolling.”

Henry B. Eyring, Church Commissioner of Education, said the decision to reduce tuition is consistent with the mission of the school. “One of the most important roles Ricks plays in the Church Educational System—in addition to its traditionally strong academic role—is to offer educational opportunities to those with special financial or academic needs.”

The change makes tuition at Ricks about 75 percent of the tuition at Brigham Young University. Prior to the change, the cost to enroll at Ricks was about 90 percent of the tuition at BYU.

“The new ratio is more consistent with the typical ratio between two-year and four-year colleges across the country,” President Hafen said. “I am grateful to our trustees for their generous support and for this reaffirmation of our mission within the Church Educational System.”