Winners of the 1985 Ensign Writing, Music, and Art Contests
March 1985

“Winners of the 1985 Ensign Writing, Music, and Art Contests,” Ensign, Mar. 1985, 55

Winners of the 1985 Ensign Writing, Music, and Art Contests

Writing Contest

Article Division

First prize ($250), Gloria Bond, Riverside, California, for “Love Him, Hold Him” (see page 58); second prize ($150), S. Ronald Monsen, Richfield, Utah, for “David W. Patten: Apostle of Faith and Courage”; third prize ($100), Jenae P. Miller, Kearns, Utah, for “To Some It Is Given.”

Short Story Division

First prize ($250), Debra Nelson Holm, Nampa, Idaho, for “Patchwork” (see page 68); second prize ($150), Richard Tice, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Orange Seeds”; third prize ($100), Susan D. Smallwood, Danville, Virginia, for “Pedestals and Guest Towels.”

Poetry Division

First prize ($75), Muriel Jenkins Heal, Provo, Utah, for “How Could Young Love Know?”; second prize ($60), Barbara Kent, Smithfield, Utah, for “Firstling”; third prize ($50), Dixie Lee Partridge, Richland, Washington, for “Farmer (detail of an oil on canvas by A. Bertram).” Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest for Women

First prize ($75), Karen Bishop Mikkelsen, Silver Springs, Maryland, for “Cradle Song”; second prize ($60), Betty Joe Savage Armstrong, Oregon City, Oregon, for “The Garden”; third prize ($50), Carolyn Manning Brink, Fort Collins, Colorado, for “A Tapestry of Love.” Winning entries appear on pages 62–63.

Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest

Children’s Song Division

First prize ($200), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “A Child’s Prayer” (see page 66); second prize ($150), Elaine A. Andersen, North Logan, Utah, for “Christ Loved the Little Children”; third prize ($100), Janeen Noble, Mesa, Arizona, for “Like Nephi.” Honorable mentions: Jaclyn T. Milne and Carol B. Black, Washington, Utah, for “I Love to Read the Scriptures”; and Rebecca Smith Adams, Deerfield, Illinois, for “Obey the Word of Wisdom.”

Song Division

First prize ($200), Jane Knudsen Poulsen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Sunrise”; second prize ($150), David McKay, Las Vegas, Nevada, for “If He”; third prize ($100), Ann K. Palizzi, Milton, Washington, and Leslie P. Rees, Farmington Hills, Michigan, for “Christmas Child.”

Hymn Division

First prize ($200), David McKay, Las Vegas, Nevada, for “Now Is the Time”; second prize ($150), Nonie N. Sorensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Fasting”; third prize ($100), Patricia M. Spencer and Jeniveive J. Wahlquist, Mission Viejo, California, for “Praise the Lord of All Creation.” Honorable mention: Joseph H. Downing, Evanston, Illinois, for “A Missionary Hymn.”

Anthem Division

First prize ($200), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, and Joan Oviatt, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “A Dawning Light”; second prize ($150), Joseph H. Downing, Evanston, Illinois, for “When In Our Music God Is Glorified”; third prize ($100), Marie Noble, Mesa, Arizona, for “Zion Shall Arise.” Honorable mention: Jackie Frost Halversen, Liberty Lake, Washington, for “Truth Shall Touch the Chords of Thy Heart.”

Art Contest

Painting Division

First prize ($300), Barbara Edwards, Logan, Utah, for “Sea of Grass” (see page 63); second prize ($250), Nancy Seamons Crookston, Pocatello, Idaho, for “The Visit” (see page 64); third prize ($200), Charles A. Muldowney, Wayne, Pennsylvania, for “Gethsemane.”

Drawing Division

First prize ($200), Robert Ackroyd, Raymond, Alberta, for “The Last Supper” (see page 62).

Photography Division

First prize ($200), John W. Pendlebury, for “Utah Lake” (see page 64); second prize ($150), Anna Stone Keogh, Ogden, Utah, untitled (see page 65); third prize ($75), Jean Hillman Shelton, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, for “God’s Art.”

Gloria Bond; Debra Nelson Holm; Muriel Jenkins Heal; Karen Bishop Mikkelsen; Janice Kapp Perry; Jane Knudsen Poulsen; David McKay; Dan Carter; Joan Oviatt; Barbara Edwards; Robert Ackroyd; John W. Pendlebury