Sleep on It
February 1984

“Sleep on It,” Ensign, Feb. 1984, 59

Sleep on It

My ten-year-old niece, Karen, writes in her journal every night without fail. Surprised at such consistency, I once asked her what she did to develop such a good habit. “One night after writing in my journal I was so tired I just slipped it under my pillow,” she said. “I left it there when I made my bed in the morning. Then the next night when I went to bed, my journal was right there so I just wrote in it and put it back under my pillow. I did this until it became a regular habit. Now I can keep it on my night stand or in the bookcase, and I still never miss writing in it.”

I have followed her example—and now that good habit is mine, too. Lois Bartholomew, Smithfield, Utah