One a Day Fun
February 1984

“One a Day Fun,” Ensign, Feb. 1984, 58–59

One a Day Fun

When my two boys were one and two years old, they often became restless and tired of playing with the same toys day after day. I sought help at the public library, but found that most books on preschool activities contained ideas for three- to five-year-olds. As I sifted out the activities suited for my children’s ages and interests, I filed the stories, pictures, and ideas I found according to six categories so I could assign one category to each day of the week, except Sunday. I then made a monthly calendar of activities (see the accompanying sample). We usually reserve Sunday for books of remembrance, baby books, appropriate music, and family lessons. The children’s toys are also kept in boxes according to category so they can find them easily.

Although my schedule is extremely busy, I make time to plan the simple activities on a calendar each month. This helps my children stay interested in their toys and look forward to learning something each day. Marlene Thomas, Provo, Utah