Keeping Pace
February 1984

“Keeping Pace,” Ensign, Feb. 1984, 78

Keeping Pace

New Sunbeam Manual

The Primary has produced a new Sunbeam manual (PCPR96CA) designed as an aid to both teachers and students.

It is intended that the manual will provide the often restless three-year-old with a transition between the nursery program and the Sharing Time of Primary. Instead of joining the other Primary children in the regular Sharing Time this year, for the first six months Sunbeams will have their own class Sharing period with their teacher. Then they will join the rest of the children for the regular Sharing Time.

The manual offers several ideas to help create an atmosphere of involvement, learning, and companionship for these Sunbeam Sharing periods, along with a variety of lesson aids. The latter include: large illustrations and photographs; duplicating masters which can, without being removed from the book, provide up to one hundred copies; two sound sheets (flexible phonograph recordings), with accompanying piano scores, containing songs recommended in the lessons; and pictures with flannel backing for use in flannel-board stories.

In addition to the teaching aids, each lesson includes hints on how to involve class members and several activities designed to keep children’s interest.

Revised Scouting Supplements

To aid in implementing Scouting programs in the Church, the Primary has revised two supplement booklets dealing with the Cub Scout and Blazer Scout programs.

The Cub Scouting (Revised) supplement (PXPR0165; cost 45¢) contains organizational information about programs for boys between the ages of eight and ten in the Cub Scout and Webelos groups. Guidelines for advancement, graduation, and parental involvement are included in the booklet, as well as information on duties of den leaders and chiefs, pack leaders, and other Cub Scout helpers.

Information about the Blazer program, for boys eleven years old, is found in the Scouting for the Eleven-Year-Old Boy (Revised) supplement (PCPR26D6; cost 35¢). The booklet contains guidelines on registration, training, advancement, awards, overnight campouts, and Scouting for the handicapped.

New Young Women Manuals

New curriculum manuals for Young Women classes are now available at the Salt Lake Distribution Center.

The manual for each class contains enough lessons for one year, so advisers do not need to supplement the curriculum with their own presentations. The lessons are grouped in units designed to meet specific needs in each of the Young Women program’s six areas of focus. Each manual also contains color pictures and duplicating masters to be used for quizzes and handouts.

The manuals are $3.25 each. Stock numbers: Beehive Manual I (PCYW24F8), Mia Maid Manual I (PCYW28E4), and Laurel Manual I (PCYW23F7).