Print Messages Lend Support to Family Week
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“Print Messages Lend Support to Family Week,” Ensign, Jan. 1984, 78

Print Messages Lend Support to Family Week

The Church has launched its own print media campaign to promote family life. The Church campaign coincided with the U.S. National Family Week, November 20–26.

“Love isn’t something you fall into. It’s something you grow. Take time for your marriage,” proclaimed one of the messages. “You’re in the house. But are you really home?” asked another, depicting a child interrupting her father’s newspaper reading.

“If you can’t stand your problems, try kneeling,” suggested another of the messages.

A booklet containing reproducible copies of the messages and illustrations, in various sizes, was mailed to newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. It featured six different messages. Others were: “Take time to undo the knots in your family ties”; “It’s amazing how good others look when you look for the good in others”; and, under a broken heart patched together with a small bandage, “Prevention is better than cure. Take time for your marriage.”