LDS Scene

“LDS Scene,” Ensign, Jan. 1984, 80

LDS Scene

President Ezra Taft Benson of the Council of the Twelve was honored by Utah farmers and Salt Lake City area businessmen November 18 for his years of service to them, to the Church, and to his country. He was in the spotlight at a banquet sponsored by the Utah Farm Bureau Federation and the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Church has acquired the major portion of the Deseret Livestock Ranch, located in the northeastern corner of Utah and in an adjacent part of Wyoming. For the present, the ranch is being operated as a tax-paying ranching enterprise, but its purchase will ensure the long-term availability of land for various Church programs.

A series of radio dramas produced at Brigham Young University will be broadcast on U.S. National Public Radio stations beginning in April. The thirteen dramas, based on stories by noted science fiction author Ray Bradbury, were produced by Mike McDonough, a sound track producer at the BYU Movie Studio. “Bradbury 13” will be hosted by Mr. Bradbury. Tapes of the dramas have already won fourteen awards from prestigious broadcasting and artistic organizations.

The First Presidency has called Seth D. Redford and Thelma Redford of Idaho Falls, Idaho, to serve as president and matron of the new Boise Idaho Temple, now under construction. President Redford is a former counselor in the Idaho Falls Temple presidency and has also served the Church as a Regional Representative and mission president.