Church Publishes New Theater Manual
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“Church Publishes New Theater Manual,” Ensign, Jan. 1984, 77

Church Publishes New Theater Manual

Whether you are interested in producing a full-length play, a melodrama, a roadshow, a pantomime, puppetry, or a skit, the new Theater Manual (PBAC0089) may be just what you need.

The new step-by-step manual, produced by the General Activities Committee, gives excellent guidance for theatrical success for groups and individuals planning theatrical productions.

The manual (available from Church distribution centers for seventy-five cents) is a resource guide for drama directors. It gives guidelines for selecting, writing, planning, and producing all types of theater, from large productions involving many people to simple formats adaptable to classroom or individual use.

The manual also offers help with details that make any type of production more professional—reading stage directions, blocking out a scene, curtain calls, ad libbing, scenery, stage and hand props, costumes, makeup, sound, lights, and publicity.

Each section includes drawings illustrating the concepts.