Family Digs

“Family Digs,” Ensign, Oct. 1983, 61

Family Digs

We often enjoy a family night project called “Original Research”—and it’s not half so formidable as it sounds!

Each member of the family chooses an area to research (younger members need a little help, of course, but they can easily participate), then finds the information. When the research is completed, it is shared during a family home evening. Here are some suggestions to get you started. You’ll soon be adding ideas of your own.

Identify family members in an old photograph and tell something about each of them.

Choose an heirloom or antique that may be a common sight in the home. Make it come “alive” by researching where it came from, who owned it, and so on.

Has anyone in your family received a trophy or special award? Research it.

Talk to grandparents or other relatives. Ask them to tell you a story about their childhood. If you do not have grandparents living nearby, an older member of the ward or community would probably enjoy sharing some memories.

Too often we take for granted the interesting and unique things about our families, and our children never learn about them. But this enjoyable exercise has given us all an appetite for doing original research of our own. Jan Bernhisel, Fort Bragg, California

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch