“Contents,” Ensign, Oct. 1983, 1


October 1983

Volume 13 Number 10

On the cover: Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten and Richard Romney.

Inside front cover: Chief Tuba and Jacob Hamblin, by John Jarvis, gousch, 1982.

A faithful Church worker who assisted in establishing settlements in Southern Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, Jacob Hamblin is best known for his missionary labors among the Lamanites. This painting depicts his meeting with Tuba, a peaceful Hopi chief who was later baptized.

Inside back cover: God’s Protecting Hand. Photography and commentary by Anselm Spring of Landsberg, Germany.

“Since learning of the gospel’s message and our Heavenly Father’s plan for our earth’s temporal existence, I have always desired to capture the essence of gospel truths in photographs. This photographic creation reminds me of the love God has for his Saints, even though he must allow them to endure with others the great tribulations promised for the last days. We see the outline of the city of man—symbol of the cultures of our time. We see the city dark in its understanding of the things of God and his purpose for mankind. We also see the red horizon, symbol both of the difficulties mankind brings upon himself and of the great prophetic tribulations God will send upon the world to call mankind to repentance.

“But through all of these difficulties and tribulations is the overriding protection and loving hand of God upon his church. We see the heavenly birds—the angels, white in their purity and strong in their power. We see them flying above the darkness of mortal man, watching over and caring for the Saints during the tribulations that are part of mortality in these last days. I am deeply touched by the truth that Heavenly Father does now and will always watch over the Church so that his people may continue to fulfill their prophetic assignment of sharing with mankind the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.”

This photograph completes a series of photographic art meant to present symbolically some concepts fundamental to our faith and hope in God. The series began with a representation of the Creation and ends now with the theme of latter-day tribulations.