BYU, Ricks Agree on Credit Transfer in General Education

“BYU, Ricks Agree on Credit Transfer in General Education,” Ensign, Oct. 1983, 77

BYU, Ricks Agree on Credit Transfer in General Education

Ricks College has entered into a five-year agreement with Brigham Young University that allows Ricks students to transfer all their general education credit to BYU.

The agreement was reached after Ricks unveiled a general education program which Ricks President Bruce C. Hafen said is designed to help students with the selection of college majors and to provide them with the strongest possible preparation for the world of work, for family rearing, and for service in the Church and community. The program went into effect with the current school year.

The new program pared down the number of available general education courses at Ricks from 271 to 107. President Hafen emphasized that the revised curriculum covers certain basic knowledge every educated person should have.

Ricks students now face fewer general education classes, but these are “solid, substantive, mainstream transferable courses,” commented Dr. Dean Sorensen, academic vice president. By revising the curriculum so that courses will transfer more easily, Ricks has made it possible for students to save money by completing their college course work more efficiently and quickly, he said.