A Notable Conference

    “A Notable Conference,” Ensign, Aug. 1983, 61

    A Notable Conference

    Our Gospel Doctrine teacher issued a challenge to us the week before general conference. The challenge was to have our children identify the conference speakers and record thoughts and feelings as they listened. Those who could not yet write were to draw pictures of things the speakers were talking about. The goal was to do this during at least one session of conference.

    We liked the challenge and prepared our children the following Monday night during family home evening. Of course, the challenge was received amid moans and groans from several children who had previously complained, “The meetings are too long. Can’t we go out and play?”

    No more was said of the matter until the following Sunday morning. We had family council previous to the first session of conference. At the conclusion of council, Dad passed out paper and pencil to all five of the children. There was still some reluctance, but when the meeting began, the children diligently performed their duty. It was one of the most amazing conferences we have ever enjoyed in our home. It was quiet. The children were actively involved in the meeting.

    At its conclusion, the first comment was, “That’s the shortest conference I’ve ever heard.” They seemed pleased with their efforts. Our fourteen-year-old daughter decided that she would prepare her home evening lesson for the following evening from the notes she had taken.

    Much good came from that day. We all listened, really listened, to conference, and as a result incorporated much of what we heard into our family life. It was such a good experience, in fact, that upon the suggestion of our seven-year-old son, we have decided to take notes on the talks at our stake conferences as well. Maxine Humphrey, Centerville, Utah