Samoa, Tonga Temples to Be Dedicated

    “Samoa, Tonga Temples to Be Dedicated,” Ensign, Aug. 1983, 79

    Samoa, Tonga Temples to Be Dedicated

    The First Presidency has announced that dedicatory services will soon be held for temples in Samoa and Tonga.

    Dedicatory services for the Samoa Temple will be held August 5–7 in seven separate sessions. The Tonga Temple will be dedicated August 9–11, also in seven separate sessions.

    Both temples were opened to public tours during open houses held July 19–30.

    The Samoa Temple will serve 28,600 members of the Church in Samoa, and the Tonga Temple will serve some 20,600 in Tonga. The temples will be the twenty-second and twenty-third temples in operation worldwide. Other temples are under construction in Idaho, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, Peru, and Australia.