The Hummingbird and I

    “The Hummingbird and I,” Ensign, Aug. 1983, 7

    The Hummingbird and I

    When I think of how small a hummingbird is

    Compared to the sky

    Compared to the distance he’s traveled

    Compared to his journey ahead,

    I wonder why he doesn’t rest

    Quiet his wings

    Quiet his aching hunger

    And his desire.

    When I think of his faint strains of song

    Compared to a symphony

    Compared to heavenly angels

    Compared to his breathless lungs,

    I wonder why he strengthens his descant

    Raising his song

    And raising his upward flight.

    When I think of how short a lifetime is

    Compared to eternity

    Compared to the distance before

    Compared to the journey ahead,

    I want to soar with the hummingbird

    Speeding my wings

    Speeding my aching hunger

    And my desire to excel.

    When I think of me, my faint strains of faith,

    Compared to a prophet

    Compared to heavenly angels

    Compared to my burning heart,

    I want to strengthen my flight

    Raising song,

    Raising upward flight,

    And raising praises to God.

    Photography by Ray Kirkland