Why Me?
April 1983

“Why Me?” Ensign, Apr. 1983, 66

“Why Me?”

Many times when we are faced with difficult experiences, and prayers seem not to be answered, we have a tendency to wonder, “Why me?”

Recently I found myself in this situation. In the second trimester of pregnancy, even after fervent prayers and blessings, I suffered a miscarriage.

But as I lay in the emergency room with the doctor, suddenly the sadness and fear passed away, replaced by warmth and understanding. I knew that all would be well. I was assured that the body of this spirit hadn’t been developing properly and that the child would have another opportunity for mortal life.

I understood, too, that I needed to love and cherish my three children more completely and to become more concerned with their welfare than with a tidy house. I realized that the most valuable things to me were my life, my husband, and my family.

With these facts once more in their proper perspective, I rejoiced in the Lord’s comforting assurance that “… All things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.” (D&C 122:7.) Janice Aubrey, Salt Lake City, Utah

Photography by Eldon Linschoten