Away with Spring Cleaning
April 1983

“Away with Spring Cleaning,” Ensign, Apr. 1983, 68–69

Away with Spring Cleaning

I’m a more relaxed person than I was eight years ago. And all because I’ve found a way to abolish “spring cleaning”: I rotate it throughout the year.

When discouragement and frustration with the task overwhelmed me, I set up a schedule which has allowed me to concentrate on in-depth cleaning of one room (or sometimes two) each month. One day I wash walls, another day I clean closets or drawers, on another I wash or clean the drapes or curtains. Then I take a day to clean the carpet, if necessary. By the end of the month, the room has been thoroughly cleaned.

I don’t schedule a room in June, July, or August, as summer is left for canning, yard work, and outings. Nor do I schedule a room in December, giving me needed time for holiday preparations.

You can adapt such a schedule to your own home—and successfully avoid the heavy demands on your time and energy of “spring cleaning.” Gayle Pehrson, Sandy, Utah