Best Moment of the Day
April 1983

“Best Moment of the Day,” Ensign, Apr. 1983, 66

Best Moment of the Day

It was one of those beautiful spring afternoons, and I was in the kitchen sewing when our first-grade daughter came home from school. We spent a few minutes sharing the day’s events, as we always did, then she was off to change her clothes and run outside to see if today she could stay up on the bicycle by herself. Her younger brother had learned to ride already, so Jennifer was eager to learn also.

In a few moments I heard her excitedly cry out, “I did it, mom! I rode the bike by myself. Come watch me!” I watched as she unsteadily balanced herself and then wobbily peddled to the end of the driveway before tipping over to stop. What an exciting moment!

She rode a few more times, but then we had to hurry to a branch baseball game at the local park. It was the first time she had been to the park after the long winter, and what fun she had with her brothers and her friend from next door! After the game, we stopped at a drive-in, then home again where she rode the bike until dark.

As I tucked her in that night, we talked about what a fun day she had had—learning to ride the bike, playing in the park, stopping at the drive-in—and then I asked her the question I ask each night, “What was the most special thing that happened to you today?” Before she could answer, I said, “Let me guess. I’ll bet it was learning to ride the bike.”

“No,” she answered, “it was coming home to you.” Mrs. Lonnie Hackworth, Rexburg, Idaho