Tabernacle Adds Fourth Organist
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“Tabernacle Adds Fourth Organist,” Ensign, Nov. 1982, 111

Tabernacle Adds Fourth Organist

Under the direction of the First Presidency, Clay Christiansen of Salt Lake City has been appointed as a fourth Tabernacle organist. He joins Robert Cundick, Roy M. Darley, and John Longhurst at the console of the Tabernacle Organ on Temple Square. His responsibilities include presenting daily organ recitals in the Tabernacle and accompanying the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus.

Brother Christiansen, 33, has been organist and choirmaster at the Episcopal cathedral in Salt Lake City for the past ten years and has also served as organist for the Jewish synagogue in Salt Lake City. He has served for several summers as a guest organist in the Tabernacle. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in organ performance from Brigham Young University and received his master’s degree in music from the University of Utah. He served on the General Music Committee of the Church from 1979 to 1981.