Keeping Pace

“Keeping Pace,” Ensign, Nov. 1982, 112

Keeping Pace

Members of the Church may find several periodicals published by Brigham Young University of interest. These publications focus on a wide variety of activities and insights. The periodicals are:

Family Perspective. A quarterly publication dealing with research on marriage and the family. Authors come from various disciplines and professions, and present a wide variety of viewpoints “designed to strengthen and enhance the quality of family life.” Subscription price: $12 per year. Available by writing Dr. Ruth Brasher, 90 SWKT, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

Benson Institute. A quarterly newsletter detailing research on various aspects of personal and family preparedness. Includes practical ideas on various topics, such as home canning, food storage, gardening, and energy efficiency. Also contains reviews of current publications dealing with these topics. The newsletter is considered “scientific but practical for Church members.” Available for a minimum $10 donation to the Benson Institute, 50 East 800 North, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

BYU Today. A news publication designed to keep alumni and persons interested in BYU informed of happenings on campus. Contains educational articles about the university. Published eight times per year. A minimum donation of $10.00 per year is requested. Available by writing BYU Today, c/o Glen Smith, 255 Alumni House, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

Speeches of the Year. An annual publication that compiles approximately twenty-five devotional and fireside speeches delivered the previous year on campus. Speakers include General Authorities. Available for $6.95 by writing 205 UPB, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

BYU Studies. A quarterly journal containing articles from all fields of learning—from poetry to science, from fiction to theology. Articles are generally scholarly in nature, but are written for “informed nonspecialists.” Available for $10.00 per year by writing 210 UPB, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

Literature and Belief. An annual publication produced by the BYU Center for Christian Values in Literature. Contains articles dealing with literature and Christian values. Includes poetry, book reviews, and speeches designed to renew awareness of religious values in literature. Price is $4.00 per issue. Available by writing to Literature and Belief, A279 JKB, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.

Exchange Magazine. A biannual publication of the BYU School of Management. Articles come from faculty and professionals in economics, accounting, business management, and public management, and deal with current issues related to these fields. Available for $3.00 per issue by writing Paul R. Timm, Assistant Dean, School of Management, BYU, Provo, Utah 84602.